Murray Lloyd's Fabulous Guest Chefs

Jason John Bangerter and Murray Lloyd

Chef Jason John Bangerter of Auberge du Pommier Restaurant
the "Hop to it" episode.

david green and murray lloyd

Chef David Green of the Shakespeare Arms
the "Food of Love" episode.

john hall beth warner and murray lloyd

John K. Hall and Beth Warner of Kittling Ridge Estate Wines and Spirits
the "Forty Creek Q" episode

john duff john bruce robinson and murray lloyd

John C Duff of The Pearl Street Café and guest John Bruce Robinson
the "Thai One On" episode

john k hall and murray lloyd

John K. Hall Kittling Ridge Estate Wines and Spirits (Forty Creek Whisky)
the "Forty Great Reasons" episode

margarita and murray

Chef Margarita Tsangarakis of Baranga's on the Beach
the "Cooking with the Goddess" episode

Chef Matt Maurice of The Martini House
the "Crabtastic" episode

peter fisher and murray

Chef Peter Fisher of McGinnis Landing
the "Rib Tickler" episode

ralph bettany and murray lloyd

Executive Chef Ralph Bettany of Tabasco
the "Hot Stuff" episode

robin kumar pradham and murray lloyd

Chef Robin Kumar Pradham of The Rocky Raccoon Café
the "Road to Kathmandu" episode

Danny McManus and Mike Morreales and Murray Lloyd

Guests Quarterback Danny McManus & Slotback Mike Morreales of the Hamilton Ti-Cats
the "Big Game" episode

Tim and Murray

Guest Tim Reagan the "Weekend Chef"
the "Big Rack Attack" episode

todd and murray

Chef Todd Clarmo of Oliver Bonacini Restaurants
the "Orient Express" episode

william wallace and murray lloyd

William Wallace of The Ontario Veal Association
the "Moove Ya" episode

Guest Jamie Meyers of Jake's Grill and Oyster House
the "Shuckin' Around" episode

shawn rocchi and murray lloyd

Chef Shawn Rocchi of Dody's Oyster Bar and Grill
the "Sea 'n' Food" episode

team cedar grillling and murray lloyd

Guests The Team Cedar Grilling Competition Barbeque Team
the "Team Cedar Grilling" episode